NBR Supported Anti-Freeze

Style No. 1456-E [PolarFlex LS] 

Long Sleeve 55 cm (21 inches)


Outer (coating) material: Anti-Freeze Nitrile

Liner material: Cotton

Size: 7/M, 8/L, 9/XL, 10/XXL

Country of origin: Japan



Handling frozen foods, machine parts and and oily objects/ Deicing vehicles and aircrafts/ Fishery/ Working in cold storage warehouse


  1. Our original Anti-Freeze NBR offers excellent flexibility and dexterity till -22°F(-30°C).

    Note: Glass transition point of NBR for traditional NBR working gloves is at 32°F(0°C).

    Usually, NBR freezes under water freezing point(0°C) and then frozen NBR loses the characteristics with flexibility in itself. ATOM succeeded in developing the Anti-Freeze NBR®, which does not freeze till -22°F(-30°C), first in the World for working gloves.

  2. Anti-Freeze NBR offers resistance oil and some chemicals with grip.
  3. Sanitized to avoid the glove becoming moldy and developing nasty smell.
  4. Long sleeve 55 cm (21 inches) provides waterproof and oil proof on upper arm.