NBR Supported Anti-Freeze & Cold resistance

Style No. 1403-E [BLIZZARD]

Hi-Viz Anti-Freeze Nitrile


Outer (coating) material: Hi-Viz Anti-Freeze Nitrile

Inner liner material: Polyester fleece

Size: 7/M ,8/L, 9/XL,  10/XXL



Handling frozen foods, machine parts and oily objects/ Deicing vehicles and aircrafts/ Fishery/ Working in cold storage warehouse



  1. Our original Anti-Freeze Nitrile offers excellent flexibility and dexterity till -58°F(-50°C). 

    Note: Glass transition point of nitrile for traditional nitrile working gloves is at 32°F(0°C). 

    Usually, Nitrile freezes under water freezing point (0°C) and then frozen nitrile loses the characteristics with flexibility in itself. ATOM succeeded in developing the Anti-Freeze Nitrile®, which does not freeze till -58°F (-50°C), first in the World for working gloves.

  2. Anti-Freeze Nitrile offers resistance oil and some chemicals with grip. 
  3. Sanitized to avoid the glove becoming moldy and developing nasty smell.
  4. Hi-Visible Orange Nitrile