Vibration Reduction



Liner: Cotton and nylon 7 gauge knit

Coating material: Chloroprene

Size: 7/M, 8/L, 9/XL

Country of origin: Japan



Road construction/ Automobile body shop/ Airplane & boat manufacturing/ Carpentry (surface finish of furniture)/ Home-repairs/ Grass mowing/ Work with drills, hammers, grinders, impact wrenchs, powered saws, etc.

1121-7BE VibeRest CE mark


  1. Specially compounded Brick Pods®(Patented) coated on palm, seamless-lined gloves.
  2. Each individual Brick Pods® reduces full range of vibration(25Hz - 1,000Hz).
  3. Ergonomically designed Brick Pods® offer superior performance in grip on vibrating tools and offers both comfortability and flexibility.
  4. Seamless shell and elastic wrist offer snug fit.
  5. Patented unique and creative design.