Anti Vibration


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Liner: Cotton and nylon 7 gauge knit

Coating material: Chloroprene

Size: 7/M, 8/L, 9/XL

Country of origin: Japan



Road construction/ Automobile body shop/ Airplane & boat manufacturing/ Carpentry (surface finish of furniture)/ Home-repairs/ Grass mowing/ Work with drills, hammers, grinders, impact wrenchs, powered saws, etc.

1121-7BE VibeRest CE mark


  1. Specially compounded Brick Pods®(Patented) coated on palm, seamless-lined gloves.
  2. Each individual Brick Pods® reduces full range of vibration(25Hz - 1,000Hz).
  3. Ergonomically designed Brick Pods® offer superior performance in grip on vibrating tools and offers both comfortability and flexibility.
  4. Seamless shell and elastic wrist offer snug fit.
  5. Patented unique and creative design.
  6. Meet ISO/European anti vibration standard, EN ISO 10819: 1996.