Back Protection

Style No. 122-BG [BothGuard]


  1. Protect your back side of hand from impact and shock.
  2. Lessen your pain for some weight on the back side.
  3. Incomparable grip.
  4. Ergonomically designed seamless-line offerers comfortable and flexibility.


Liner: Cotton and Nylon 7 gauge knit

Coating material;

Palm side: Solid natural rubber

Back side: Foamed rubber

Size: 7/M, 8/L, 9/XL

Country of origin: Japan



Handling heavy component/ Assembly/ fabrication/ machining/ electronics/ oil industry/ Iron industry/ Automotive parts assembly, repair and maintenance/ Pipe handling/ Steel frame assembly/ Cargo and baggage handling carry in airport, etc.

BothGuard 122-BG CE