NBR Palm Coated


  1. Specially compound NBR palm coated HDPE composite-lined glove.
  2. Excellent dexterity and tactility.
  3. Incomparable grip for wet and oily conditions.
  4. Ergonomically designed seamless-line offers comfortable and flexibility.
  5. high cut resistant.


Liner: Fiber glass, Tsunooga, nylon, cotton 10 gauge knit

Coating material: Nitrile

Size: 7/M, 8/L, 9/XL, 10/XXL, 11/XXXL

Country of origin: Thailand



Glass or paper fabrications/ Bottling/ Mining/ Aircraft/ Handling metal or glass sheet/ Assembly/ machining/ electronics/ automotive parts assembly/ repair/ maintenance, which require a high level of dexterity and tactility as well as oil grip.