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Quality and Technology

JAB CM035,ISO9001

In 1973 ATOM developed new technology to adhere solid natural rubber onto string knitted gloves without the use of glue. So revolutionary was the process, it was recognized by the Japan Invention Institution. This technology has improved the finish and comfortableness of this type of glove tremendously. And economically more important, it expanded applications of the gloves.

ATOM was ISO 9002 accredited in 2000, and deemed ISO 9001 compliant in 2002. Obtaining this elite level of recognition for pursuit of quality is yet another statement justifying our cooperate slogan; “ Quality is our motto.”

Factory in Thailand photo
Factory in Thailand
Factory in China
Factory in China

Total operations for ATOM – from R&D to manufacturing of work gloves to international manufacturing operations in such places as Japan, Thailand, and China which maximize use of the deep experience and expertise we have built in-house – dedicate themselves to the customer, providing the best gloves required at competitive but uncompromising costs in time and commitment. And even going so far as to develop custom-made gloves in compliance with our customers.